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Submitted on
August 12, 2013


73 (who?)
It's all up!
I need to finalize the final journal about the winners, and since I'm in China (and have bad internet connection) give me a few hours after I sleep!

Quick thing, thank you everyone who joined, this has been one super successful contest and I hope you found this fun to do!

What you have to do

Draw my OC doing anything.

MLP, Human, EQG'd, Anthro, 3D, Traditional, Digital, Base using, gif, icons NSFW

The more relevant it is to her the better.
EDIT: More prizes added
EDIT2: Added more backstory stuff

1st Prize:

+ 1 custom/OC (any species I own or am allowed to make) (worth 150:points:)
+one bust shot like this (worth 1200:points:):
MLP - Fluttershy by CindryTunaMLP - Luna by CindryTuna

2nd Prize: 396 :points: OR 1 Month PM
+1 Headshot Image (Worth 200:points:)
MLP - Gift - Bday InkyTophat by CindryTunaMLP - Gift - Bday Poisonlicious by CindryTuna

3rd and 4th Prize: 100:points:
+1 custom Soul Grabber (worth 100:points:)

MLP - Adopt - Soul Grabbers [#3] CLOSED by CindryTunaMLP - Adopt - Soul Grabbers [#1] CLOSED by CindryTuna

5th-6th 50 :points:

I WILL PROBABLY ADD MORE TO THE PRIZE POOL, donate to the prize pool if you'd like!
(Is that enough for you guys? xD)


- Submit as many entries as you'd like. You may win more than 1 prize!
- No type of art is off limits.
- No cheating or stealing others' entries
- Try not to copy something that has already done of her.
- No changing species or gender.

- Deadline is 13/9/13
It's September the 13th!!!

CM Vector:
Colour Guide/Reference:
Preferred Human Version:
More images of her:……
MLP - OC Indifference [Reference] by CindryTuna

Helpful facts about her

- Masks
- Isolation (at times)
- Dolls
- Puppets
- Circus balls
- Performers
- Creepy things
- Sparks, fireworks

- She's sad or poker face most of the time.

Talent: Using "masks" to put on acts and hid true emotions, she's also pretty artistic.


She is a reclusive and sarcastic pony that just can't let anyone else down, but herself. She has an obsession with masks, soul dolls she creates and art.
Unable to show herself most of the times she protects herself with personality "masks". She normally forgets about her true self and is stuck with a "mask" for a pretty long time, but when she has time alone she drops back into her dark true self. Unable to get rid of fake personalities sometimes, "but the show must go on".
She has an obsession with masks and is a traveling pony that does odd jobs.

She is based of the times when we just need to keep on smiling, even if you hurt so much.

taken from TheUmbreonDude
I don't care what you do,I just don't. You can take pictures of me,call me different,call me crazy,call me stupid,dumb,loner,and whatever you wish. But hear me now,there's no such thing as normal. You may not like me,but what's important is that I like me. I like me,my looks,what I do,how I sound and act,everything. I'm not crazy,I'm just a mare,a very different mare.

If you cannot join or don't want to, make a journal about this and I'll give you a llama! or maybe even points!

Please join, and have fun!

MLP - Indifference Contest Endorsement by CindryTuna


I will shower all of you in compliments after the contest

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  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Drills
  • Reading: This
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